October 13, 2013


This birthday topped them all. I don't know how next year will possibly compare! I was lucky enough to spend an evening on the lake in good company with performances by friends BABE, DJ Aris and the Lago del Pino crew. Thank you to everyone who made it so special! I will never forget the parts that I remember!





September 10, 2013


Tee by Enemy To Fashion
Finally I finished my curtains and side tables!

Vintage Lacoste wedges & Ohne Titel Perforated Leather Shorts

Gifts from the amazing Enemy To Fashion

I found the perfect nude pump

Trying to get used to our new early mornings.

Sweet Lux

Babe-r-day party

Freshly juiced watermelon

My new Kino sandals arrived!

My view every weekend

Adam's place, The Coffin Shop

Things have been very busy around here lately! With Jude starting first grade, the addition of a job and the loss of a fish, it's amazing that we have had time to enjoy all the beauty and loving friends and family around us. I have always had a cosmic type of unexplainable luck and I am feeling it around me. I am very thankful.